Linen Rental Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Linen for Your Hospitality Business

Linen Rental Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Linen for Your Hospitality Business

Selecting a linen supplier isn't something that should be rushed. The linen service you use will be responsible for a significant part of your hotel or venue, a fundamental part of your everyday business

Selecting a linen supplier isn't something that should be rushed. The linen service you use will be responsible for a significant part of your hotel or venue, a fundamental part of your everyday business - if you don’t have clean linen, you cannot offer rooms. Plenty of businesses make use of linens regularly. Anything from a boutique bed and breakfast to a modern city restaurant, linens and uniforms are very common, re-usable supplies that serve a crucial function in a variety of business settings ranging from big to small.

They can perhaps offer you services which can be used as a table decoration or as a part of the décor in a restaurant, or even just bedding for the hotel. As any business owner realises, you must always be sure to make sure that your business is represented with high-quality products and professional employees.

As well as this, it is also essential that you make sure your choices increase productivity, all while lowering fees. A good linen service will offer your business a few key benefits that can help your business run smoothly and improve your company’s profits. Here in this blog, we talk you through some of the ways that outsourcing your linen hire can be a good thing for your business and what you need to be looking out for.

A Good Relationship With Your Linen Rental Company

Establishing a decent relationship with your linen company is essential, not only to access the highest quality fabric but doing so with the information you need to make an informed decision.

One of the key ways to make sure this is the case is to do your research early on to find that communication is consistent and reliable. We would advise that you use a supplier in the same country or even county as you. This is because there are several challenges to working with a linen supplier located overseas. This includes:

  • Challenges with communicating and overcoming time zone barriers
  • Increased shipping times
  • Potential issues that could delay products at customs
  • Inability to make routine visits onsite or to initially verify manufacturing practices onsite
  • Less recourse should a supplier not fulfil an order correctly or at all

Whenever you have a query or concern, you must be able to contact a trusted representative from your linen company. Just calling a company located in a country across the world can present timing and language challenges.

Knowing what to ask will help you and also be good for your company’s experience is critical to building a long-lasting relationship with your supplier.

Thread CounT

Lots of people are cheated into thinking that the higher the thread count, the better the linen. This is not necessarily the truth. This is because different kinds of linen need different thread counts to produce the finished item. The term refers to the number of threads in one square inch; therefore as a general rule the higher the thread count the smoother the fabric.


This refers to the weight and density of fabric in grams per square meter (gsm) and is also a signifier of its quality. The thickness of the thread itself varies on the thread count. Thinner threads will be lighter, thicker threads will be heavier. Thus, be aware that a very high thread count indicates the fabric may not wear as well as the individual threads are thinner.

Fabric Composition

It’s essential to think about what your fabric is made from, this reason being this impacts the handle, durability and weight, which in turn bears upon its perceived luxuriousness for the guests at your premises.

How the Cotton has Been Sourced

Another thing to think about when selecting a provider is where the origin of the cotton is used in their products. This will give you some peace of mind that the linen on offer has been ethically sourced and made. Cotton of a standard that will be able to withstand the commercial laundry process is vital when looking for value and a quality finish when in situ.

Bed Sizes Standard or Non-Standard

Almost all pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers sold in the UK, be that by retailers or hired from laundries, are created to fit UK bed sizes. Although lots of hotels (particularly in groups) use nonstandard sizes therefore you must be aware of and take into consideration the bed size and mattress (width and length). A good idea is to sometimes go up a size as this makes the bed look fuller and gives the bed an ultra-plush look.

Things to Consider when Selecting the Correct Duvet Cover

What is the size of your duvets? Are they standard or nonstandard? Much like the beds and mattresses, some hotel groups may use non-standard sizes. Trying to fit a duvet cover to a nonstandard, often larger duvet can result in added issues for housekeepers, as it will make the task of changing the duvet cover more difficult and therefore take longer. We often advise consulting with your laundry before placing an order for your filled duvets to ensure the bed linen you rent will fit.

A First-Rate Experience

 A good linen hire company will offer you a first-rate experience, from the moment you start collaborating. When choosing a linen hire company, pick one that uses the best quality materials for their exceptional linen, works to build a relationship you can have confidence in, offers customizable options and will not refuse to give you references of their work.


The linen supply service you select needs to offer you good access to a customer service representative, specific to serve your organization's linen supply and general requirements. The company should be able to meet its customers’ needs and demands, both quickly and efficiently. They need to also be able to react to the changing requirements of your business.

The Bottom Line

It is essential to opt for the linen supply service that can meet the requirements of additional supplies when you require them. By taking time to research and find out the details about how to pick the best linen hire company, you will be able to set up a long-term relationship with the company that will be able to cope up with all the needs of your company consistently. The best linen companies will offer a quality service with ease.

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Published on: March 3, 2021

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