The Untapped Potential Of Commercial Linen

The Untapped Potential Of Commercial Linen

Ideal for many applications, commercial linen comes in various forms, and you can certainly benefit from this adaptable material. Read on to discover how.

Among the very best materials for a variety of tasks, linen is used for everything from towels and duvets to cloths and clothing. Adaptable to different users, garments made of linen are desirable in hot and humid climates, while decorative placements within restaurants are often made from this synthetic textile as it is highly-absorbent, drying faster than similar materials such as cotton. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Stalbridge options, so take a look at our expansive range below.


Why Linen?

Linen naturally wicks away heat and moisture because of its porous structure. In less technical terms, this makes it a good conductor of heat, which makes it a popular fabric for clothing, bedding, and other frequently used items. Available in virtually every colour, pattern and texture imaginable, the natural fibres hold dye colours better than many other materials. In addition, linen is also naturally antibacterial and folds well, making it efficient for tablecloths and napkins.


Uniforms And Workwear

Food hygiene laws state that anyone who handles food in any way has a duty to make sure the food they prepare is put together in a hygienic manner. Wearing a linen chef uniform is an important part of maintaining food safety in the kitchen space, Chef uniforms must always be worn in areas where food is prepared, whereas a handy formal shirt or waiter uniform will suffice for serving staff. Johnsons South West Laundry chef wear is made from breathable materials that provide strong protection against spills and other kitchen hazards.


Bedding Or Sheets

Linen sheets have a noticeably luxurious texture, as well as a delightful softness against the skin - making them feel fantastic to relax back into after a long day at work. Due to the natural attributes of linen, these duvets and sheets get even softer and more supple with each wash, getting better with age contrary to most other materials. Linen bedding is twice as durable as cotton bedding and can last for decades, making the cost-per use amazingly low, and ensuring that acquiring linen hotel bed sheets is a great investment in 2023.

Table Presentation

Table linens are favoured by restaurant managers and stakeholders in the hospitality industry for plenty of reasons, and this brilliant fabric material can be found within many of the most reputable establishments around the capital and wider United Kingdom. Linen even manages to wick water quickly as standard following an accident or interaction with fluid, and for these reasons, it is often chosen as a material for towels and cloths.


We offer a product range of both traditional and contemporary styles, including service methods to suit all different types of customers. We also conduct an annual survey to ensure our service and products stay at the highest quality, therefore our adaptable linen products are always up-to-date. Any questions? Contact us today! Acquire your branded chef uniform fuss-free.

Published on: June 5, 2023

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