The Environmental Benefits of Commercial Laundry Services

The Environmental Benefits of Commercial Laundry Services

When it comes to managing your business linens, a laundry company can be a great solution. Find out the environmental benefits in this article.

To help deal with the large quantities of laundry needed for hospitality industries, many businesses opt for linen hire and laundry services. Beyond coping with the amount with ease, commercial laundry services also have environmental benefits.


Luckily, you can find out everything you need to know about the benefits of commercial laundry services in this article, from how they benefit the environment to the specific benefits of South West Laundry Services.

Defining Laundry Services

In all businesses within the hospitality industry, linen is an essential component of providing a professional service. Without a reliable supply of linens, companies can suffer from running out of the products they need to run a business.


A commercial laundry service is a process that deals with the washing, drying and ironing of different linens. This could include uniforms, towels, and cloth napkins. Commercial laundry services are specially equipped to deal with large amounts of laundry, produced by hospitality industries such as hotels and restaurants.

The Importance of Clean Linens

It can be easy to underestimate the importance of clean linens for your business, particularly among the other stresses that come with the industry. In this section, you can find out why clean linens are essential for a high-quality business.


In any business, hygiene is important. This is especially true when it comes to hospitality, as hygiene standards are enforced for the protection of customers and guests. Sharing unwashed towels, for example,  can spread viruses, bacteria and germs, making it an unsanitary practice. Cleaning linens is vital to keeping your guests happy with their service.


When guests arrive at any establishment, they’re on the lookout for the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism. Luckily, high-quality clean linens can do most of the work for you. Guests are after soft towels and crisp sheets, evidencing that the business takes care of its customers.


With any business, high-quality furniture is an essential part of creating a luxury experience for guests. Tables and other surfaces can be easily scuffed and damaged with use, decreasing their longevity and ruining their appeal. That’s why businesses choose to employ linens, that easily protect tables and mattresses from staining.

The Environmental Benefits

Concerns around your environmental impact can be disarming when running your business. Luckily, linen hire and laundry services are brilliant solutions to this issue. Get your linens clean, all while reducing your impact on the environment.


Find out the environmental benefits of using commercial laundry services here.

Saves Water

When undertaking laundry cleaning at your place of business, it can be difficult to complete such a large-scale task while saving water. Instead, choosing a laundry service is a great way to save on your water bill while preventing wasteful water usage.


Many laundry services choose to recycle their water, meaning excess water can be prevented. This lessens the strain on local water supplies, while also making the most of the water that has been provided.

Energy Efficient

Traditionally, washing laundry can be quite expensive in terms of energy. Whether performed in-house or by a service, linen washing needs to be performed regularly and in large quantities.


Thankfully, new technology means that wasted energy no longer needs to be an issue for commercial laundry. The washing and drying machines are designed to optimally use any energy they take while requiring a lesser amount of energy.

Cleans Responsibly

Heavy staining, caused by a myriad of culprits, can be a nightmare to remove. Many laundry services opt for chemicals to remove stains, which can be dangerous pollutants to the local wildlife.


Before selecting your chosen laundry company, research the methods they employ to clean clothing and linens. A good business will be conscious of what they’re putting out into the environment, having chosen green products.

Sustainability and Your Business

Sustainability is an important part of any successful business, as it has benefits beyond impacting the environment.  Find out how sustainable changes can transform your business for the better in this section.

Appealing to Customers

As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, consumers are seeking businesses that are making efforts to reduce harm to the environment. For a business to prosper, it needs to appeal to these customers by changing its impact on the local environment and making efforts to become more sustainable.


Budgeting for a business can be tricky, making unexpected costs particularly unwelcome. Luckily, choosing the right linen hire service can be beneficial for keeping costs down. Hiring linens means you have consistent access to the high-quality cloths you need, without needing to maintain them yourself. This way, there are no costly linen replacements required.

Lessening Textile Waste

When it comes to lessening textile waste in the environment, hiring linens can be a great solution. Reused materials are great for reducing the demand and production of linens. With a linen hire service, the textiles will be maintained through careful washing and handling, increasing the longevity of the linen, and further reducing impactful waste.

Our Services

At South West Laundry, we are committed to providing a sustainable way for businesses to get their linens clean. We refreshed our sustainabilitypolicy in 2022, now known as ‘The Johnson’s Way’, used for each of our services. Learn about the different linens we offer below.

Hotel Linen

We know how important high-quality linens are to hotels, which is why we offer both hotel linen hire and cleaning services. Using our business means you can reliably have a source of clean linens at hand. From spa linen to pillowcases, we’ve got you covered at South West Laundry.

Restaurant Linen

When serving food to customers, businesses are legally required to provide a clean and sanitary environment for their guests. This includes only using clean restaurant linens, which can be provided by South West Laundry. We can provide your business with napkins and tablecloths available in a variety of designs and colours.

Kitchen Linen

Throughout the hustle and bustle, kitchen linens will need to be readily available for staff use. From oven cloths to uniforms, our team at South West Laundry can offer you everything you need to create a safe and professional environment for your employees to work in.

The Benefits of Choosing South West Laundry

If you’re considering using a linen hire service, look no further than South West Laundry. No matter the linen, we can provide your business with assistance and support, so find out why you should get in touch today.


Our company has a range of experience in commercial laundry services, having offered specialist linen hire and laundry services since 1996. We have continued to hone and develop our methods since this time, using our experience to only provide high-quality services to our customers.


Running a business comes with its own challenges and scenarios that disrupt schedules. To take the stress out of unpredictability, we offer flexibility when it comes to our services. We allow you to decrease or increase your order as you need to, great for preparing for events. Likewise, we have flexible contracts available, giving you the freedom you need to run your business efficiently.


If you’re after quality products for your business, our available linens are perfect for the job. Available in a range of colours and materials, our products can be used to create a professional atmosphere whilst protecting your furniture from damage. Using cheap quality materials for your linens can be uncomfortable and noticeable for your guests, damaging their overall experience when staying or dining at your business.


Finding the time to collect and deliver linens as a business can be difficult, which is why we offer linen deliveries. We have a delivery serviceavailable throughout Devon and Cornwall, ensuring we can support our local customers with ease.

Contact Us

For beneficial commercial laundry services, reach out to South West Laundry. We can provide easy quotes to provide for your linen services, helping you get started on your journey to reliably clean linens quickly.


If you’re interested in learning more about us, visit our website today. You can also get in touch with our friendly team directly for further support.

Published on: April 29, 2024

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