The Dos and Don’ts of Hotel Linen

The Dos and Don’ts of Hotel Linen

Any hotel manager - whether it’s a small countryside B&B or a large, metropolitan business hotel - will be well aware of the important role that hotel linen plays in the enhancement of the guest experience. When putting yourself in the shoes of your guests to gauge their needs and wants, it’s helpful to consider what they’ll be looking for when they walk into one of your rooms for the first time. Chances are that their eyes will be drawn to the bed first and foremost, and it only takes moments to work out whether it meets the standards they’ve come to expect from a classy hotel - with clean, crisp sheets, a soft duvet and firm pillows all working together to provide a restful night’s sleep for its inhabitants. And indeed, a 2014 Gallup survey found that when it comes to improving the stay of guests at high-end hotels, over half answered that they would gladly pay extra if the bed was more luxurious and comfortable. The answer is crystal clear: upgrading your existing hotel linen to a new, more luxurious alternative is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your guests are left wanting to come back to your hotel every time that they’re in town.

However, now that we’ve established that investing in high-quality commercial linen should be high up on your priority list, this doesn’t mean that you should go off and sign a contract with any old linen supplier. It’s important to ensure that you are working with a company that can supply you with plenty of the finest, consistently clean hotel linen, and that is also capable of efficiently meeting the laundry demands of a busy establishment. Nonetheless, we want to help you ensure that the decision-making process is a smooth one, which is why we’ve put together this list of do’s and don’ts that should assist you in your search for the perfect hotel linen.


DO Invest More For Long Term Gain

Although the upfront costs of investing in new, luxury hotel linen might seem slightly daunting, or at least a little more than you’re used to forking out, it’s important to put these expenses into perspective. When you work with a first-rate commercial linen supplier, you’ll gain so much more than just some nice hotel linen. You’ll be investing in a luxury product that not only grants your establishment with that extra opulent edge, but it also signifies to your guests that they are staying in a hotel that cares about optimising the guest experience, all the way down to the little details. What’s more, the durability of quality hotel linen, as well as the added benefit of commercial laundry services which make use of top-of-the-line technology, guarantees that your sheets will last for much longer. All of these factors work together to save you money in the long run, meaning that the upfront costs are more than worth it.


DON’T Purchase Outright

When thinking about where to source your hotel linen from, you might not have even considered hotel linen hire as a possibility. Believe it or not, thousands of businesses across the UK are utilising linen hire and commercial laundry services, rather than dealing with their linen in-house. Making the switch to linen hire is advantageous for a multitude of reasons, and we’ve listed just a few of the ways that your business can benefit below:



Outsourcing your linen on a hire basis will ultimately save you an abundance of time. If you manage your linen in-house, you’ll be forced to assign staff members to the task or, if you’re a smaller business, do it all yourself. This can naturally be extremely time-consuming, not to mention that it must be dealt with right every time to ensure that standards of cleanliness and comfort are met.



Dealing with your hotel linen in-house can also lead you to incurring a wealth of additional costs. This could be as a result of investing in high-tech laundry equipment or hiring extra staff members to help with laundry processing and organisation. Using linen hire would firstly cut out the cost of equipment, which can naturally be extremely expensive, especially if industrial-sized models are required to cope with the sheer amount of linen there is to process. You also won’t have to pay any additional staff members, or even ask existing staff to work extra long hours to help out with the linen.



A quality hotel linen company will put sustainability at the heart of everything they do, attempting to implement eco-friendly practices into their work wherever possible. This could be anything from making commitments to reducing their carbon footprint by a significant margin, to preaching best practices that will safeguard all employees.


Competitive Prices

Commercial linen services will give great deals to their clients that will inevitably save you money in the long run. They should be able to offer you a range of flexible packages to ensure that you aren’t tied into an unnecessarily long-term contract that you don’t need or want. They will also be able to scale the services they provide you up and down, without charging you extortionate additional fees to make changes to your order.



Once you’ve told your chosen hotel linen hire company exactly what kind of linen you need and when, the rest is up to them. Having your hotel linen delivered directly to your establishment is extremely convenient and will save you plenty of time and effort. In a busy hospitality environment, any service that can make your job that little bit easier is definitely worth considering.


DO Maintain Excellent Hygiene Standards With Hotel Laundry Services

Of course, no matter how high-quality your hotel linen is in its own right, it means absolutely nothing if the duvet’s crumpled, the sheets have old stains on them and the pillows just feel worn out and drab. Taking care of hotel linen admittedly isn’t the easiest of tasks. In fact, they actually require a significant amount of care to keep them in good condition. In addition to thoroughly washing them, the fabrics need to be correctly maintained to elongate their lifespan and prevent any premature damage, thus reducing the risk of any complaints from disgruntled guests.


And sure, you could take on this task yourself, but with so many other responsibilities as a hotel manager, why should you have to? As we’ve already mentioned above, dealing with your hotel linen in-house can be extremely time-consuming, costly and chances are you won’t be able to achieve the same end result without access to the same resources as a professional.


So, if you want to keep your hotel linens in tip-top condition and ensure that they’re always looking and feeling their best for guests, working with a hotel linen hire company who provides commercial laundry services is the way to go. A hotel linen hire company will be fully equipped with the very best industrial laundry equipment, a highly experienced and fully-trained team that will be versed in all of the correct procedures that will protect your linen from any wear and tear.


DON’T Just Choose Any Old Hotel Linen Supplier

It’s important to not simply opt for the first commercial linen supplier you come across. For unmatched quality of stock and service, choose Johnson’s South West Laundry. We supply everything that professional hospitality establishments need to succeed, including crisp white bed linen, fluffy towels, smart chef’s wear, kitchen cloths and a wide selection of elegant white and coloured table linen. Whether you run a small local cafe or a large, city-centre hotel with hundreds of bedrooms, we are more than capable of tailoring our services to meet all of your needs. Our wealth of experience in the hospitality industry means that we are well aware of the hygiene standards that must be met, and you can rest assured that we will never disappoint in this regard.


We have built up a reputation for excellence thanks to our consistently reliable, innovative service. Our team always strives to deliver exceptional results, efficiently providing clients with all of the linen they require by delivering them straight to your door. And we promise to do all of this without trying to tie you into a contract you don’t want or need. With multiple sites across the country, we are more than capable of providing our services nationwide, so please get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business today.

Published on: February 13, 2023

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