Signs You’re Staying at a Luxury Hotel

Signs You’re Staying at a Luxury Hotel

A luxury hotel is more than just a high price. A luxury hotel should have certain services, features and amenities that make it a cut above the rest. Here are the top signs you’re staying at a luxury hotel:

Exceptional customer service

Exceptional customer service is essential for luxury hotels. Guests should be greeted on arrival and taken care of during their entire trip. Their needs should be met quickly, efficiently and professionally with no hassles or eye-rolling. Phones should be well-staffed and requests for help should be dealt with immediately.


Room service

If your hotel offers 24-hour room service, chances are you’re staying in a luxury hotel. Most standard hotels only offer room service during daytime or mealtime hours.


24-hour room service shows that the hotel is willing to go above and beyond to care for its guests and make sure their needs are met.


Gyms and other deluxe services

Luxury hotels will often have a gym so that guests can continue their workout routines while travelling. The luxury hotel industry finally understands that people who work out every day will not stay in a hotel without a gym, so they offer gyms to accommodate for their sporty customers' needs.


Not only will a luxury hotel provide a gym, but they also usually offer high-end spas, pools, hired car services, babysitting and petsitting services.


First-class dining

An all-you-can-eat buffet does not constitute a luxury hotel, and neither does selling sandwiches at the front desk.


A luxury hotel should have at least one fine dining restaurant along with a stylish bar, serving lavish cocktails and delicious dishes.




Cleanliness is one thing that a luxury hotel won’t neglect. Hairs, dust and other mess won’t be a problem in luxury hotels, as each room will be thoroughly cleaned each day by a professional cleaner.


Luxury linen

The quality of your towels, bedding and bathrobe should be of the highest standard in luxury hotels. Linen is the most popular material for hotel bedding and bathrobes because of the luxury feel it exudes.


Good quality linen is a great insulator and its soft feel will help guests to enjoy a long and comfortable sleep all night.  


Adding style, substance and a real touch of luxury, high-quality linen is the ultimate choice for luxury hotels.


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Published on: January 5, 2023

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