Our Extensive Guide to Chef Clothing

Our Extensive Guide to Chef Clothing

The iconic chef uniform, is an unforgettable uniform worn in kitchens across the world. Keep reading to find out how to care for your chef linens.

The iconic chef uniform, complete with a hat, chequered trousers and a pristine jacket is an unforgettable uniform worn in kitchens across the world. While chef’s uniforms vary from kitchen to kitchen, the immaculate white chef jacket and trousers is often the image that enters our minds. Finding, buying and maintaining chef jackets and chef linen is a vital part of hospitality which is why we have created a complete guide to chef clothing! To find out more about chef linen and commercial laundry solutions, keep reading.

Choosing Appropriate Chef Clothing

You may think that choosing the right chef clothing is a simple task, but finding the right clothing to fit your brand, style and aesthetic can sometimes be a challenge. The kinds of industries where you might be looking for chefs uniforms include:


  • Coffee Shops & Cafes
  • Small Restaurants
  • Takeaways
  • Bars
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Back of house staff


Typically, chef uniforms will be required in hospitality based industries but you may also find chef whites in hotels and other customer service based places where food and drinks are served. When it comes to finding the right chef's uniform for you or your staff, there are a few components to consider in order to get it right.

Chef Jackets

Chef jackets are one of the most recognised parts of this uniform, and widely used in the industry. There are a range of different styles and designs when it comes to chef jackets. While they are usually a crisp white colour, however you can find a range of other styles.


The reason chef jackets are used is mainly to protect chefs and kitchen staff from the heat of hot stoves, ovens and splattering from liquids or food products. They are a traditional part of the uniform and signify the importance of the profession.


You can find double breasted chef jackets which provide an added layer of protection to your body when in the kitchen. They can also be reversed to hide stains and marks, which is a convenient feature.


Depending on your restaurant or business, and the aesthetic of your brand, you may opt for black, white, chequered or even another design style of your chef jackets.

Chef Hats

Chef hats are an equally important part of the uniform that you should consider! They can be a purely practical element or you can use them to bring a bit of style into the kitchen.


Chef hats are primarily used to keep head hairs from falling onto surfaces, dishes and going out to guests. This is an important reason to enforce chefs to wear something over their hair to keep it from contaminating food.


If you want to enforce hats to avoid contamination, hair nets are a good idea, especially for female chefs, however chef hats can be a good way to encourage some individuality in the kitchen. With a range of different hat styles, your kitchen staff have some freedom to be creative. Depending on the branding image and aesthetic of your restaurant, you may want to allow a few different options:

  • Beanies
  • Caps
  • Skull caps
  • Bandanas

Chef Trousers

Chef trousers are another part of this iconic uniform trio, protecting the lower half of your chefs from getting burned or stained.


Chef trousers can improve the look of your kitchen staff, especially if you opt for more interesting colours or designs like checked trousers.  If your kitchen is one where guests can see your kitchen staff, having staff in matching uniforms will go a long way and create better imagery for your brand.

Protecting Your Chef Clothing

Once you have found your perfect chef uniform, next comes protecting it. Although your chef whites are designed to protect the wearer, protecting your uniform is important too. Getting stains out of pristine white jackets can prove a challenge, so preventing staining and other marks will help you keep those chef whites looking fresh.


Aprons are your new best friend when it comes to protecting chef uniforms for a range of reasons:

  • Protecting Your Clothing - Usually the main purpose of an apron is to protect the clothing you are wearing underneath. Now, although this may be chef whites, keeping them pristine is still a priority as this will make it easier when it comes to cleaning the jackets.


  • Easy To Clean - Aprons are much easier to clean in comparison to chef jackets, which need to be cleaned with more care. Also, if stains won't come off of your apron completely, it doesn’t matter so much. Whereas, on a white chef jacket, stains and marks are more obvious and detrimental.


  • Comfortable - Aprons tend to be relatively lightweight and comfortable to wear, meaning they don’t interfere with any of your kitchen staff’s ability to do their jobs. You can also get full length aprons, waist aprons and other styles to accommodate your staff.


  • Hygiene purposes - Aprons are also beneficial for hygiene purposes, and stopping the transfer of any hair, dirt or dust from your clothing into food or drinks.


Investing in aprons for your kitchen staff is definitely in your best interest, as it protects the chef uniforms, which can be expensive to clean or replace.

Commercial Laundry

There are a couple of options when it comes to commercial laundry and washing your chef uniforms. You could opt to do your laundry in house, which is what a lot of small businesses may choose to do.


This can be a fairly time consuming and strenuous job for employees, as they will need to find time to:

  • Wash uniforms thoroughly
  • Remove any stains
  • Dry uniforms completely
  • Iron and fold uniforms


They will have to find time at the end of each working day and before the morning breakfast service in certain restaurants. This can be time consuming and inefficient for some restaurants or cafes, especially for bigger chain restaurants. They typically decide to go with linen rental services to accommodate their needs.

Linen Rental Services

Many bigger corporations and restaurant or hotel chains will use a linen rental service for their linen materials. WHen it comes to your chef uniforms, using a rental service can be extremely effective in a range of ways:


  • More Time - Without the stress of cleaning and drying your chef uniforms in house, employees have more time to complete other jobs and tasks.


  • Cost Effective - Completing laundry in house can also be quite expensive. These costs can make the process of washing chef whites in house quite ineffective and actually cost you more money overall in utility bills and wages.


  • Consistency - Washing in house can be stressful as there is no guarantee that stains will be fully removed, and things may not all be washed and dried to the same standard. By choosing a linen rental service, you can rely on them to deliver linens that are of an appropriate and consistent quality.


  • Replacements & Damaged Linen - If you decide to do your laundry in house, it means that stains and any irreversible damage is your business’s fault. Replacing chef whites and other damaged linens can be expensive, and your business may not be able to keep up. If you decide to rent your linen, the hire company is responsible for damages and inadequate linen. If you do end up with damaged or stained linens, your linen hire company should be able to rectify this quickly and hassle free.

Chef Jackets Near Me

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Published on: August 15, 2023

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