Kitchens, Hotels And Restaurants: Selecting The Right Laundry Service

Kitchens, Hotels And Restaurants: Selecting The Right Laundry Service

Whether you’re running a restaurant, managing a hotel or organising materials to supply a kitchen, one thing that you’ll be dealing with on a large scale is linen. While not thought about by many, the hospitality industry has a crucial reliance on linen, whether it's in the form of towels, uniforms, tablecloths or more. While businesses do rely on laundry in-house, the benefits of a laundry service are great both in terms of saving you time and money. South West Laundry is a linen hire company that prides itself in providing linen for hire and industrial laundry services to restaurants, hotels and kitchens. Read on to find out more about how laundry services can benefit these different industries, and how South West Laundry is the perfect partner.

Why Is Linen Important?

Linen is a crucial part of the hospitality industry, and though it can sometimes be subtle, can make up a big part of a guest's impression of your business. In a restaurant setting, a customer will automatically have a bad perception of a business if they sit down for dinner and notice the tablecloth or serviette is stained or discoloured from use.


Hotels rely on linen to make sure their guests have a good night's sleep. The bed is probably the most crucial part of any hotel room, and if a guest finds the linen uncomfortable, they will have a negative perception of their entire stay. It’s probably the first thing a guest will look at when they enter a hotel room, so worn sheets are a big no.


Kitchens use linen to help maintain the safety conditions of the space, while also keeping staff looking professional. Quality uniforms can keep a worker safe from flames and other hazards while making sure employees look great in clean, fresh uniforms.


Laundered linen also shows you value the experience that a guest is about to have in your business, making sure everything is perfect for them to have the best possible time. Linen can be laundered at a business, but linen hire is often the best solution for a number of reasons, such as fresh materials each time, or no space to launder properly.


Restaurant, Kitchen & Hotel Laundry Services

While it can be one thing to get a hold of quality linen, it is another thing to try to maintain it. High-quality linen can be an expensive investment for a business, trying to obtain enough to keep a constant rotation of clean linen while washing soiled linen.


This is where laundry services can be a great help. You get high-quality linen delivered directly to your business for you to use, and once it has been used, you simply send it off to be laundered. Then fresh linen is delivered once again. It’s great for consistently having high-quality linen available for your business.


Dealing with linen in-house can work, but continuous washing or improper technique could reduce the quality and shine of the products. It is much better to rely on a laundry service that uses tried and tested methods to ensure the linen stays the same amazing quality wash after wash.


Laundry services can be adapted to your needs, meaning you can get the linen you want when you need it. This is great if you have a big event that you’ll need more linen for, or are having a quieter month and do not need as much linen as usual.


Restaurants & Hospitality

In a restaurant setting, they’ll be a few different ways you may be using linen. The most basic that most restaurants will be using is serviettes. They’re the ideal option for keeping food off of a person while eating, and to wipe their mouths once they are done with a course or meal.


The serviette will be touching both a person's clothes and their mouth, so is a crucial piece of linen that you want to ensure is perfect. Stained or serviettes with a faded colour communicates to your customers that they are not seen as a priority or deserve to have a high-quality serviette to use.


Another big one is table linen. While not all restaurants utilise it, it becomes a big part of the customer experience for those who do. There is nothing more satisfying than walking into a restaurant and being led to a table adorned with a crisp, laundered tablecloth. It makes a customer feel classy and lets them know that the experience they are about to have should be a positive one.


So table linen is a vital element to get right. Stains, discolouration or even creases can have a negative impact on a customer's experience. South West Laundry supplies high-quality table linen and laundry services to customers, with linen and serviettes in a range of colours, perfect to fit the mood and style of your business.



Kitchens are seen as a high-pressure environment where a lot can possibly go wrong. Slips, burns and cuts are common, so a lot of precautions are usually utilised to avoid any chance of injury or harm. Kitchen linen such as chef jackets can help to keep workers safe, while also maintaining a professional image.


A quality chef jacket will be made of a thick but breathable material, that will keep a chef cool while working but also prevent them from coming to harm. Any hot food splashing up won’t burn through the material and harm the wearer, instead keeping them safe.

Linen hire is great for kitchen clothing due to the sheer amount of clothes a chef may go through.


A kitchen is a fast-paced and messy job, so a worker may find themselves with stained clothing pretty much every time they go to work. This is where linen hire can come in handy. A fresh supply of uniforms can be provided to workers, ready for them to change into when they arrive at work.


Then once the uniform is used and needs cleaning, South West Laundry can take it away to be laundered, and the whole process can start all over again. We stock a great selection of kitchen uniforms for your restaurant, including jackets, aprons, trousers and polo shirts.



Most hotels, bed and breakfasts or anywhere else with paying overnight guests typically have a lot of rooms to look after. And for every room they have, a lot of linen is required. Duvet covers, bedsheets and pillowcases are needed for each and everyone, and each time they need to be of the best quality possible.


While guests might forgive other elements of a room not being the best, one thing that they typically won’t compromise on is the bed. You want to provide the best quality experience and help your guests have a good night's sleep, so high-quality hotel linen is essential to this task.


You want hotel linen that is crisp, comfortable and perfect for sleeping. Scratchy, worn or discoloured bed linen can ruin a customer's experience, making them leave a negative review or decide not to come to your hotel again.


Stalbridge Linen ensures all of our bed linen goes through rigorous quality control so we can provide your guests with the best experience possible. It is all of a premium quality perfect for luxury hotels, but at prices which any hotel can take advantage of. Trust South West Laundry for your hotel linen needs, with pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers in a range of sizes, plus towels and bathrobes for the ultimate hotel room experience.


Hotel, Restaurant & Kitchen Linen From SOUTH WEST LAUNDRY

Now that you’ve found out about laundry services and how to pick the right one, work with South West Laundry today. We are a leading linen hire and laundry service that has been happily serving our loyal customers across the UK with years of experience in the business.


We provide services and products to clients across the kitchen, restaurant and hotel industry, offering adaptable services tailored to your specific business needs, whether this is regular laundering of table linen or a supply of napkins for a large function.


We aim for our services to be as sustainable as possible, and pride ourselves on our quick and efficient customer service, fixing any problems that arise before they affect you and your business. Our sustainability promises include reducing carbon emissions and water consumption, so by working with us you are showing commitment towards sustainability goals that your business can be proud of.


To find out more about how South West Laundry can help you, call today on 01736 759174 to talk through your linen hire and laundry service needs with a member of our team.

Published on: January 5, 2023

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