Kitchen Linen Hire: The Secret Ingredient to a Neat Kitchen

Kitchen Linen Hire: The Secret Ingredient to a Neat Kitchen

Not sure where to start with your business’s kitchen linens? Learn how our team can take the stress out of finding and cleaning quality linens.

Any business that requires linens knows it’s important to keep it spotless. This can be a chore in itself, as kitchens inherently attract mess. Keeping a workplace neat amongst staining food and drinks can be helped immensely by outsourcing your linens from an expert linen and laundry service.


This article will cover what comes under the umbrella of kitchen linen, as well as how each type is used. We’ll then highlight just some of the benefits that opting for a rental service could offer you before explaining why South West Laundry is the best company to meet your kitchen linen needs.

Defining Kitchen Linen

Kitchen linen hire can be incredibly beneficial to a variety of businesses, so it’s important to know what this means. Kitchen linen covers a range of materials, some unexpected ones, so getting to know what each variation can do is a great starting point for business.


Read on to learn more about different types of kitchen linen and their uses.

Chef Clothing

In professional kitchens, employees are required to wear chef’s clothing. This uniform keeps the hygiene levels to a great standard, as well as protects staff from becoming injured. This form of kitchen linen is therefore essential and often needed in large quantities.


Each member of staff will usually have a few pairs of chef whites to wear, allowing time for cleaning without affecting how the chef works. In hot kitchen environments, sweating is a frequent issue, so unwashed uniforms can lead to bad smells and dirtiness. Due to the nature of the role, a chef’s clothing can also often be damaged easily, resulting in a need for back-ups and replacement.


For both cafés and restaurants, aprons are a great way of keeping workplaces clean, as well as giving off a sense of professionalism. Full-bodied aprons are fantastic solutions for baristas, where coffee grounds, milk and crumbs often fall regularly on barista clothing. These aprons are often fantastic for attaching name tags to, adding a personal touch for any visiting customers.


For servers, on the other hand, waist aprons are a fantastic way to elevate staff uniform without covering the entire body. These can be useful for hiding messes and are easily removed for break periods, ensuring the high hygiene level remains unaffected.


A variety of clean towels are needed to keep a professional kitchen in order. Many chefs opt for oven cloths to pull hot dishes and trays from hot ovens to protect their hands. These cloths therefore get dirty quickly, leading to the potential for cross-contamination - a huge risk in workplaces. Food service companies have a legal responsibility to keep allergens from contaminating other foods too, resulting in cloths needing to be cleaned routinely.


Other types of towels include bar towels and tea towels. Bar towels are specifically designed for bar cleaning needs, whether that be wiping down a sticky bar or polishing cocktail glasses. Tea towels, on the other hand, are commonly used by waiters and waitresses for serving, readily available for cleaning up any spills. Each type can be used for drying glassware or crockery, with the safety of being reusable and reliable.

Businesses That Use Kitchen Linens

While companies with large kitchens may seem the obvious choice for those who require kitchen linens, they are far from the only businesses that use kitchen linens. The food service industry employs kitchen linens to keep their workplaces working efficiently while maintaining a level of cleanliness.


Read on for some examples of businesses that use kitchen linens on an everyday basis.


As a growing industry, cafes employ kitchen linens routinely and regularly. While chef's uniforms are not generally required in smaller cafes, most businesses will have aprons as part of their uniforms. These are used both for appearance purposes, as well for hygiene.


A staple in restaurants is the need for clean linens. From uniforms to towels. The legal responsibility of any food service company is to have a clean environment. Clean aprons and uniforms should be worn at all times and changed in and out of when outside of the workplace. They also need to be regularly accessible to staff, and ready for changing into. These need to be kept clean and routinely laundered.


For catering companies, many choose to bring their own linens for different jobs. This could be their own aprons, as well as specific towels. This way, they can ensure the hygiene and suitability of their linens are good for the service they are providing. Caterers are often used for important events such as wedding receptions, meaning their service needs to be clean and spotless.


While bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, every bar will need some form of kitchen linen. Glassware needs to be washed and cleaned regularly and efficiently, so having a big supply of clean is key. Bar towels are more sustainable than blue roll, which is disposed of after use and cannot withstand water without breaking. The one downfall is that it is often difficult to keep the equipment needed to clean bar towels.

The Benefits of a Linen and Laundry Service

Linen and laundry services are fantastic for keeping a workplace clean. Owning linen, however, can be a bigger hindrance than a help. That’s exactly why renting linen from a professional company can be a great thing to do instead.


Read on to learn some of the benefits of hiring linens from a professional linen rental company.

No Expensive Equipment Needed

When looking after your company linens, the right equipment is vital. Laundry equipment can be expensive, especially when it is industrial-sized. Industries that use kitchen linen will generally have large amounts. Outsourcing to a professional linen cleaning company means the dirty line can easily be collected, cleaned and delivered back to your business.


The maintenance of laundry equipment can likewise be costly and inconvenient. When an in-house washing machine breaks down, it can create a backlog of dirty laundry with inaccessible clean alternatives. Without clean materials, a workplace runs the risk of becoming unhygienic. Instead, hiring rental linens can be beneficial, saving reliance on expensive equipment that easily breaks.

High-Quality Linens

For a professional appearance, high-quality linens are vital. The difference in quality of uniforms is often easily distinguishable,  yet purchasing linens outright is not often possible for new businesses. Thin, cheaper-quality equipment can also be bad for employee health and safety, as burns can happen much more easily. Stains and messes can also seep through thin clothing, causing discomfort for employees.


As an easy solution, many upper-quality businesses prefer to rent linens instead, allowing them to get high-quality linens at a reasonable price. Some higher-quality materials also require specific cleaning chemicals to be used, which can be difficult for businesses to keep up with. Instead, a professional linen hire service will be able to maintain uniforms, keeping the dirtiest uniforms sparkling clean.

Premium Customer Experience

Having high-quality and clean linen is vital to creating a professional customer experience. A great customer journey has been proven to be an important part of the business's success. Stains, loose buttons and damaged uniforms can often be a deterrent to customers, dissuading them from visiting. Keeping plenty of clean linen and uniforms on hand can be very useful for preventing this, which is where a linen and laundry service can be helpful.

Hygienic Linen

Opting for a professional linen company is important when it comes to keeping linen hygienic. Many businesses find it difficult to keep up with the vast amounts of laundry, particularly with hotels. Hotels accrue a vast amount of dirty linen, which can be mixed in with guest towels. A kitchen linen hire service will be able to keep these linen types separate, while washing materials at a much higher temperature than our household washing machines can, easily killing any harmful bacteria.


Many workplaces opt for their employees to take their uniforms home to be cleaned. This can be difficult, as the level of hygiene in different homes is varied. Employees might forget to wash their aprons. Instead, opting for a professional linen cleaning service ensures that the linen is washed to a high standard that protects the material too.

Our Services

At Johnsons South West Laundry, we are committed to providing restaurants and food service companies with the perfect linens. Our high-quality materials adapt perfectly to any sector within the hospitality industry. We have listed a few of our services below to help you get an idea of how we can help.

Kitchen Linen Hire

We’re pleased to take the stress out of cleaning uniforms and cloths on your behalf with our kitchen linen hire services. For these services, the need for proper equipment is vital. The kitchen linen products we offer are available on our website for your convenience.

Table Linen

Besides keeping uniforms hygienic and neat, the appearance of restaurant linens is very important. Restaurant linen rentals are particularly fantastic for any events or ordinary dinner services. We provide a range of products, which are viewable on our website.


Visit our website to learn more about other services we can offer your business. You can also digitally meet our team, to get a better sense of our company. Contact our friendly staff today for more information.

Published on: February 20, 2024

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