Improving Staff Safety In A Pub Kitchen

Improving Staff Safety In A Pub Kitchen

The safety of staff in a restaurant or pub kitchen should be near the top of your list of priorities, with sharp objects, boiling liquids and slippery surfaces just the start when it comes to potential dangers. From small local establishments to upmarket eateries, the tips detailed throughout this blog will be applicable. Avoid costly staff injury claims, improve employee morale and remain confident in the fact that your kitchen is a safe one when you consider expert advice from South West Laundry.


Choose The Right Space

Kitchens can be hectic, especially on weekends when additional staff are working, or if the day marks a special occasion such as Christmas Day, or the heavily promoted launch of a new menu. Any kitchen space should be large enough to accommodate chefs, waiters and any other staff members, with workstations separated for the sake of hygiene and accident avoidance. Narrow passageways and restrictive spaces are a big no-no, while any kitchen space should be within walking distance of the serving area for the sake of convenience and safety.


Appropriate Attire From South west laundry

Staff attire will vary depending on the establishment in question, with pubs perhaps opting for a more laid back casual clothing choice, while a formal restaurant will require servers and chefs to opt for smart overalls and shirts. Alongside representing your organisation appropriately, linen garments from South West Laundry are crafted with safety in mind, from the durable protective material of our chef uniform range, to the hazardproof aprons and polo shirts. Never again will staff have to compromise safety for style.


Planning And Organisation

Planning ahead and organising safety measures will place you in a better position when actively preventing such incidents. Items including wet floor signs, first aid kits and guidance boards can ensure any safety procedures are followed by staff, while fire exits and routes should never be blocked, and should be clearly signposted. Organisation should also stretch to assigning staff with leadership responsibilities which relate to general team safety.


Linen Hire For Cleanliness

Cleanliness is of course a huge consideration when it comes to not only staff safety, but also that of customers and other stakeholders. An unclean kitchen space is likelier to contain germs and bacteria which contaminate food, while a floor space which is littered with objects and tripping hazards could very easily result in a staff member being harmed. Before every shift, clean appliances and surfaces with a relevant linen cloth, and clear the floor space of obstructions. Oven cloths and tea towels should do the trick for any surface which needs to be wiped and scrubbed.


At South West Laundry, we are able to provide an efficient linen hire service to all our customers. With a high quality range of smart chef jackets, kitchen cloths, polo shirts, server uniforms and much more, we cater to pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants nationwide. Any questions about our ever-growing range? Contact the team via our website.

Published on: February 13, 2023

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