How to Offer Your Hotel Guests a Great Night’s Sleep: Tips from Linen Companies

How to Offer Your Hotel Guests a Great Night’s Sleep: Tips from Linen Companies

As a hotelier, there’s one thing your hotel will be judged most harshly on: the quality of sleep it offers its guests. A poor night’s sleep is one of the most commonly received complaints by hotels everywhere, so making sure your guests have everything they need to rest comfortably is crucial to keeping them happy and encouraging them to book another stay.

As one of the UK’s leading linen companies, we’re proud to have worked with a multitude of incredible hotels across the country. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s this: it doesn’t matter how well-decorated your hotel interior is or the quality of the food your restaurant offers; if your guests don’t have a great night’s sleep, they’re unlikely to rate your establishment highly.


So, how do you offer your hotel guests a great night’s sleep? The key is to make sure your hotel puts comfort and relaxation first, with everything from silky soft linen to a fresh and fragranced smell. Here, we offer our top tips for creating the perfect environment for quality sleep.

Eight Top Tips for Offering Your Hotel Guests a Great Night’s Sleep

Decorate with Neutral Tones

A simple interior design trick to create a calming and sleep-appropriate atmosphere is to decorate with neutral tones. Neutral shades, such as pale blue, cream and grey, are much softer than bright tones and can be less distracting to the eye when it’s time to settle down.

If you want to decorate with more striking tones, then consider confining these to your hotel’s communal areas or restaurant. This will help to give your hotel character without the guest bedrooms being too bold!

Invest in Comfortable Beds

Of course, perhaps the most obvious way to offer your hotel guests a great night’s sleep is to invest in comfortable beds. A hard, lumpy bed is sure to keep your guests awake and may even contribute to back and muscle pain, whereas a luxuriously soft bed will make sure every night is peaceful.

Whether your guests are travelling for business or leisure, your hotel should become their home away from home. Offering a well-made bed that sends them into a deep sleep instantly is a great way to create this home-like feeling while creating the sense of escapism that all hotels should provide.

Hire Silky Soft Hotel Linens, Including Pillows and Bed Sheets

All beds need a sturdy frame and quality mattress, but there’s more to laying a dream-like bed than this! You’ll also need silky soft hotel linens, including pillowcases and sheets, to make jumping into bed irresistible for your guests. Your guests will know the difference between freshly washed luxury linens and scratchy, stained and unwashed sheets, so make sure to invest in the former.

The easiest and most economical way to provide super-soft linens to your guests time and time again is to hire your sheets from a professional linen rental company. They’ll wash, dry and quality assure all linen before it reaches your hotel doors, making it quick and simple to lay your beds with sheets that help your guests sink into a restful sleep.

Prioritise Bedroom Hygiene with a Laundry and Linen Service

Making sure your hotel bedrooms are spotlessly clean is of paramount importance. This is true for a multitude of reasons, but impressing your guests and ensuring they’re at ease is one of the most pressing - especially given the events of the past year.  When people book an overnight stay at a hotel, they expect a certain level of cleanliness. Failing to offer this will greatly impact their stay.

To ensure your guests can settle into their room with the knowledge and comfort that everything has been cleaned thoroughly, you’ll need to pay particular attention to the cleanliness of your bedroom linen. Stained or discoloured bed sheets will alert them instantly to the fact that the room hasn’t been prepared with the utmost care.

When you hire your hotel linens from a dedicated company, you can eliminate this risk. Your linen rental company will offer a professional commercial laundry service, so you can rest assured that your bedsheets and pillowcases are always freshly laundered.

Keep Your Hotels Smelling Fresh

Did you know that the scent of a room can affect your quality of sleep? The research in this field suggests that when we’re exposed to scents and fragrances that we associate with peace and relaxation, we are more likely to enjoy an undisturbed night of sleep. As a hotel manager, there are myriad ways to use this information to your advantage!

To keep your hotel rooms smelling fresh, consider these top tips:

  • Clean your soft furnishings thoroughly, as curtains and carpets can cling onto unpleasant odours
  • Make sure your hotel linens are laundered by professionals to ensure they smell clean and crisp
  • Keep hotel guest bedrooms open when cleaning to eliminate the smell of harsh chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Spritz a signature hotel fragrance in each room before guests arrive
  • Leave a vase of fresh flowers in each bedroom.

A great-smelling room will also help to convey a sense of luxury, which can help your guests sink into the feeling of escapism that we all want from our overnight stays.

Offer a Wake Up Service

Offering a wake-up service is a simple yet effective way to help your guests settle into their stay. If you cater to lots of business travellers who regularly need to wake up early to attend meetings and conferences, offering a dedicated alarm service will be particularly welcome.

If your guests can rest assured that they’re not going to oversleep, they’re much more likely to relax and enjoy an uninterrupted night. What’s more, this service won’t cost your hotel a penny.

Allow Guests to Regulate Light and Temperature

As we all know, our immediate surroundings play an instrumental role in how easily we settle down and sleep. Perhaps the two most influential environmental factors are light and temperature, as imbalances in these can make it significantly more challenging to get a restful night’s sleep. If it’s too hot, too cold or too bright for your guests to relax, they’re likely to become frustrated and you may be on the receiving end of a few complaints.

One of the most efficient ways to optimise your hotel guests’ sleep environment is to allow them the flexibility to regulate the light and temperature of their room. By fitting each room with central heating, air conditioning, light dimmers and blackout curtains, you enable your guests to adapt their sleep space in a way that’s comfortable for them.

Soundproof Your Hotel Rooms

Unlike light and temperature, noise isn’t something you will always be able to control. If your hotel is located in a bustling city, noise pollution may affect your guests throughout the night, or if they’re trying to sleep during the day. However, there’s no reason why you can’t go above and beyond to minimise unnecessary noise from inside your hotel from disrupting your customers.

One of the most effective ways to do so is to soundproof your rooms as much as possible. Consider these top tips:

  • Decorate with soft carpets instead of floorboards, as these will muffle the sounds of people walking around
  • Fit slow-close doors to prevent them from slamming in the night
  • Keep your bedrooms well-insulated to block out the sounds of other guests watching TV or talking
  • Double-glaze your hotel bedroom windows to minimise outdoor noise pollution from seeping in.

Don’t forget to ask your staff to work as quietly as possible during sleeping hours and throughout the morning as not to disturb any snoozing guests.

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Published on: July 13, 2021

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