How to Improve the Appearance of Your Restaurant: Tablecloths, Decor and More

How to Improve the Appearance of Your Restaurant: Tablecloths, Decor and More

The first thing customers notice as soon as they walk through the door is your restaurant’s decor. Your food can be the best in town, but without clean, organised and interesting decor, people simply won’t be interested in eating at your establishment. This is because dining out is not just about the food, it’s the overall experience. From attentive waiting staff to restaurant tablecloths, you need to focus on prioritising each of these aspects in order to deliver a well-rounded dining experience for your guests.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the many ways you can update your restaurant’s decor, to make sure it is on par with the rest of your service. Keep reading to discover how.


Hire quality linen

A simple switch you can make to improve the decor of your restaurant is to hire quality table linen from a commercial linen company. These companies have years of experience providing crisp and clean linen to restaurants, hotels and bars. The simple switch of a paper napkin to a linen napkin can go a long way and make your guests feel like they are dining in luxury. You can also find tablecloth rental and chef uniform hire, all in one place. This means the entire restaurant, including the staff, can look clean and presentable. You don’t have to worry about washing your linen either, as the linen rental company can do it for you and deliver fresh linens whenever you need them.


Whether you want to incorporate some colour or deck out your restaurant with fresh white linens, they’ll be able to meet your requirements and it allows you to have high-quality linen for a fraction of the price it would be to buy it. This is a no-brainer, as if you decide you don’t need the linen, you can always cancel your contract. It’s also a much more sustainable option as you’ll no longer be throwing away hundreds of paper napkins per day. Plus a linen hire company such as Johnsons South West Laundry will likely have a sustainability promise that means they are making efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible. So it’s a win for everyone!


Coloured linen napkin hire

At Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Hire, we have a fantastic range of quality coloured linen that can help brighten your restaurant easily. Whether you want some coloured napkins for an accent colour or you want to brighten the whole room with coloured tablecloths, linen can change up your decor instantly. This is a great addition if you have a specific branding colour and will help tie your whole restaurant together. From soft buttermilk to exciting red, there’s really a colour for every restaurant theme and helps bring your decor from bland to lively. If you own a seafood restaurant, blues such as periwinkle or rustic blue stripe will be the perfect addition to your restaurant and complement the food you serve perfectly. Whatever you choose, consider linen napkin hire from a commercial linen company, they will deliver pristine linens straight to your door to ensure you’re always ready for service.


Ensuring table cloths are fresh and clean

There’s nothing worse than being seated at a table in a restaurant only to put your hands in something sticky or stain your shirt sleeve with the previous guests' mess. Although every restaurant owner will make sure their staff know to wipe down tables in between use or replace dirty tablecloths, sometimes it can get missed out, leaving dirty tables for new guests. This can occasionally happen in a busy rush as sometimes staff don’t see that a table is dirty or assume someone else cleaned it. By using tablecloths, you can ensure that they are replaced regularly when they are dirty. For example, white tablecloths show up food and drink stains quite well, so you can easily see when they need to be replaced.


Generally, clean and fresh tablecloths are a great way to brighten your restaurant. Whether it simply means getting rid of your old tablecloths that have seen better days and replacing them with hired tablecloths that have been professionally cleaned for you. This is a simple switch that will immediately improve the decor of your restaurant and make sure guests feel that your restaurant is clean.


Put together a deep cleaning rota

Another important aspect of your decor that you may not consider is keeping it clean. There are some areas of your restaurant that may not be cleaned regularly, whether that is underneath tables, shelves, salt and pepper grinders, ceiling fixtures, bins or walls. Take a look at any of these areas and think about the last time you saw someone clean it. Sure, all staff know they must close down the bar and clean all tables at the end of the night, but how often do they pay attention to these small details? There’s no point in having a stunning lighting fixture if it's covered in dust.


To tackle this issue, create a deep cleaning rota for staff members to work on when it's quiet. You assign a particular time for this cleaning to be done, or allow them to check them off a list whenever they have 20 minutes free. Sometimes it may require getting staff members to come in an hour early once a week before the lunch rush. But this will be worth it when every part of your restaurant is sparkling clean. You can hire extra kitchen cloths or microfibre cloths from a linen hire company to help you get these jobs done.


Invest in interior design

Interior design is a hard skill to master and we can all try our hand at DIY for our own homes, but when it comes to restaurant interiors, it’s often best to hire a professional. This comes at a cost but they will be able to give you a complete restyle that ticks all the boxes.  Restaurant interior designers know what a dining space needs and will have had tonnes of experience that they can implement in your own workplace.  They will discuss your needs and requirements with you to determine what you need and create a space that flows and is lively.


Whether you own a small tapas bar that needs to make the most of the space or a large open-plan restaurant, they will know exactly what needs to be done to make the space welcoming and vibrant. From choosing the right colour palette to picking comfortable furniture, if you leave it to a professional, it will make a worthwhile investment. Rather than mix and match different styles, invest in an interior designer who knows exactly what to do. This will save you money and ensure your restaurant decor is perfect.


Johnsons SOUTH WEST LAUNDRY: Tablecloth Rental and Linen Hire

Are you a restaurant owner who would like to update their decor to create the perfect dining space for your guests? This can be done with a few quick changes and with the help of Johnsons South West Laundry. We’re a dedicated team who provide tablecloths, napkins, chef uniforms, cloths and much more.


Whether it be a restaurant, bar, hotel or bed and breakfast, we can provide you with high-quality linen that will make your establishment look pristine. The interior of your restaurant is important, and without quality linen, you may not look the part, even if your food is delicious. We work hard to serve hospitality businesses across the country, cleaning, pressing and delivering a large amount of linen every day. For more information about our commercial linen or to hire table cloths, get in touch today.

Published on: January 5, 2023

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