How to Care for Your Hotel Linen

How to Care for Your Hotel Linen

Are your hotel linens cleaned and maintained to the best standard for your customers? Read our top tips on how they should be maintained to find out.

Hotels are renowned for having some of the most comfortable and welcoming beds with soft, crisp white sheets, along with luxury feeling towels and bathrobes - it’s part of what makes them feel like an indulgence to stay in.

As a hotel owner, it is part of your responsibility to ensure that this expectation of quality linen is upkept, and that includes ensuring it is all maintained to a sufficient standard.

Read on below as we give you our top tips on caring for your hotel linens.

Separate Your Linens

Before washing your hotel linens, it is important that you remember to separate the bed linens from the towels. There are a few good reasons why these should not be washed together; firstly, due to the size of bed sheets, it’s all too easy for towels to get caught up in these mid-wash, meaning they will not clean as effectively this way.

Furthermore, the two are made of different fabric types. Bedding sheets are made from pure cotton and are relatively thin (so that they feel soft and smooth against the skin) compared to towels, which are instead made of a more durable double cloth or Terry towelling fabric. As such, it is best to wash these separately to avoid the roughness of the towels from compromising the delicate nature of the bedding.

Similarly, you shouldn’t wash visibly stained items with non-stained items, since the stain could transfer in the wash.

Use the Best Water, Detergent & Temperature

Though a ‘standard’ wash may be good enough to get the job done, there are optimum conditions that you should be washing your linen at to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly. In regards to temperature, it is often recommended that you wash bedding and towels at 40-60℃, since this is hot enough to sufficiently kill all bacteria.

Washing at 40℃ is slightly gentler on the fabric, since excessive heat can damage the yarns, yet it is important that a high quality detergent is used in conjunction with this. Invest in one that is biodegradable and free of phosphates.

Using soft water as opposed to hard water is also preferable, since this will allow the detergent to be more effective and leave your linens feeling just as soft after every wash.

Fold and Rest

It is important that, once your linens have been washed, you don’t put them back in the rooms ready for use again straight away. Instead, they should be folded neatly and left to ‘rest’ for at least 24 hours. This allows them to ‘condition’, whereby the cotton is given ample time to rehydrate after drying and develop a pressed appearance.

Hotel Laundry Services

An alternative solution to maintaining your hotel linen in-house is to instead outsource your laundry to a professional service.

Here at South West Laundry, we are a trusted hotel linen supplier that also offers professional laundry services, taking one less responsibility off your plate and ensuring that your linens are maintained to the best standard.

Get in touch with us today for more information regarding our services.

Published on: July 12, 2023

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