Hotel Linen | The Benefits Of Hotel Bathrobes

Hotel Linen | The Benefits Of Hotel Bathrobes

A luxury we all look forward to; a key component of hotel linens is the bathrobe. Soft, snug and immensely comfortable, the hotel bathrobe is perfect for relaxing, lounging by the pool or simply sleeping in. Here, we take a closer look at hotel linens, highlighting the all-important benefits.

Comfortable & Relaxing

A luxury linen we all truly desire; hotel bathrobes are designed with superior comfort in mind. Soft, snug and comfortable enough to keep you toasty both before and after sleep, a hotel bathrobe is perfect for starting your day slowly, as you relax with your first cup of coffee, and just as ideal for winding down in front of the TV on cold, winter evenings.


A luxury bathrobe can be the perfect antidote to the standard towel, keeping you both dry, and, acting as a cosy warm cover-up, for when you want to dry yourself off by lounging at the side of the pool or relaxing beside the sea.

Use Fewer Towels

As an extension of the above point, hotel bathrobes are highly absorbent, soft and comfortable, capable of drying you off far quicker than a standard towel. This means you won't wind up using two, three, even four towels drying your body, instead simply using one small towel for your hair. This is beneficial in an environmental sense, with less towels requiring laundering.

Helps With Sleep

Helping to relax you, keeping you dry and comfortable after a long shower or a hot bath, hotel bathrobes are perfect for snuggling yourself into as you settle down before bed. Better still, should you use bathrobes regularly, they can quickly become part of your sleep routine and ritual, helping to put your mind at ease and drift off even sooner.


If it’s a particularly cold night, why not wear your hotel bathrobe in bed? Soft, comfy and snug, wearing a luxury bathrobe in bed is like having an additional quilt wrapped around you, keeping you extra toasty at night!

Perfect For Lounging

As suggested, why use a progressively damp towel for lounging by the pool or at the seaside when you can swap them out for luxury bathrobes? Absorbent, comfortable and soft, you can wear your hotel bathrobe as you lounge at the spa, drink at the bar or watch TV in bed. After all, it’s your holiday, why not luxuriate in it?


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Published on: November 15, 2022

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