Hiring vs Buying: Why Should I Consider Linen Services Instead of Purchasing My Own Linen?

Hiring vs Buying: Why Should I Consider Linen Services Instead of Purchasing My Own Linen?

Linen hire has become an increasingly important method of sourcing luxury linens for many businesses, particularly in the hotelier and restaurant industries. Linen hire services offer a cost-effective solution for all your linen needs, from hotel bed sheets to bathroom towels, linen hire services will handle the cleaning, maintenance and replacements so you don't have to. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the key reasons why hiring linens over buying is the best choice for many businesses.

Why Use Linen?

There are many reasons why a commercial business or industry will use luxury linens, with hotels, restaurants and commercial events making use of linen services on a near-constant basis. Offering an efficient, convenient and cost-effective method of sourcing, (and cleaning), all types of linen, from bed to bath to table, linen hire is vital across several important industries. If you are a company or individual that is tasked with managing a hotel, sports club, Bed & Breakfast, restaurant or event centre, it’s important that your line impresses, from hand towels in your bathroom to the bedsheets in your hotel, ensuring your linen is comfortable, clean and sparkling is essential to the customer experience.


Managing luxury linens on this scale can be complicated, taxing and time-consuming, which is why it can be highly beneficial to outsource your linen services to a trusted company, as they can handle every avenue of linen required with ease, capable of providing and cleaning luxury linens at an affordable rate. Let’s take a closer look at the key reasons to choose linen hire, for both hotels and restaurants:


Hotel Linen

An essential advantage of hiring luxury linens for your hotel is the ability to provide your guests with a comfortable, peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep. Luxury linens help keep you cool in the summer, with the breathable fabric helping keep your body temperature at a comfortable rate, easing you into a good night’s sleep. In opposite terms, combined with a thicker tog duvet, luxury linens make your bed just that little bit softer, comfy and warm, ensuring that even the coldest night of the year will feel cosy enough to sleep.


Luxury linens provide an improved aesthetic for your hotel; after all, it’s not just your bedding that will benefit from linen hire services, with clean, sparkling white fluffy towels for your hotel bathrooms an absolute must. Hygiene and presentation are vital factors for your customers so you should always maintain your large towels, hand towels, bedding, bedsheets and pillowcases. Line hire services will guarantee your linens are free of stains, gleaming and soft, improving your guest's overall experience, ultimately benefiting your business as a whole.


Restaurant Linen

Hiring linen services is an ideal solution for restaurants, both small and large alike, offering a luxury aesthetic and design element to your restaurant. A pivotal component of your customer experience, clean, elegant and soft tablecloth linens are all crucial in enhancing your customer satisfaction, offering the first real visual indication of your restaurant quality, care and attention to detail.


What Is Linen Hire?

Linen hire services are provided to commercial businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, as a means to supply vital luxury linens to those in demand. Instead of purchasing each and every individual linen required, from bed sheets to bath towels and table linens, linen hire services will supply your linens for you, ensuring you meet your requirements and have access to luxury linens at all times. Not only this, but linen hire services will carry out cleaning, and maintenance for all of your linens, and will happily swap out any damaged or worn linens that will need to be replaced.


Why Use Linen Hire?

Hiring your linen over buying has several significant and important advantages to consider, from improved flexibility to rescued cost, linen hire can prove a crucial addition to your hotel or restaurant. Below, we run through the key reasons why you should consider linen hire:



A significant advantage of hiring your luxury linens over buying them is the additional flexibility you will be offering yourself when it comes to your linens.  When buying linens, you’ll obviously want to make the most of your money, which means you’ve likely purchased them for the long term. Regardless, they’re going to need to be cleaned regularly and eventually replaced. With linen hire services, you’re cutting out the middleman; if you want to quickly replace, or upgrade your linens, you can simply discuss your requirements with us and we’ll handle the rest. This means you can quickly swap out your bed, bathroom and restaurant linens whenever you require, which is particularly beneficial when it comes to hotels and restaurants with high customer turnover and spills, stains and wear and tear are frequent.



Sustainability and looking after the planet have never been more pressing issues, and with linen hire, you’ll be significantly reducing your carbon footprint by outsourcing your linen cleaning to professionals. Not only will you be reducing the demand for virgin materials, hired linen needn’t be replaced as often as shop-bought linen, as the maintenance is carried out by trained professionals, ensuring it is well maintained and remains in the best possible condition for much longer. As an added incentive, linen hire services will make use of the best possible energy-efficient washing and drying equipment, to keep energy consumption down and ensure laundry services are as eco-friendly as possible.



Hiring your hotel and restaurant linen will likely work out far more cost-effective in the long term than buying it, especially in large commercial hotels, with the need for hundreds, if not thousands of luxury linens, from bed sheets to pillowcases and towels. Not only will hiring cut the costs of your linens, but it will also reduce the costs of drying, cleaning and replacements, with a set fee already determined for these kee maintenance costs in advance by your linen hire service company.



Handling all of your linens, for a restaurant or hotel, can be a logistical nightmare, with trying to ensure they are consistently cleaned, maintained and in a presentable state for your customers, an almost impossible task to do alone. With linen hire services, they will take care of all of the cleaning and drying processes for you, returning them when they are ready. Not only this, but they will also be able to quickly replace your damaged, worn or stained linens without hassle, alleviating stress or lost time at your place of business.



Maintaining the quality of your linen is just as important as the quality of the linen itself, and it’s here that linen hire really has the upper hand over buying. Hiring linen will provide you with the best possible linens, and your supplier will take great care in ensuring they are regularly cleaned, maintained and in the best possible condition for your customers, prolonging their lifespan and preventing fading and depreciation. Better still, all of your linens will be replaced when they do finally reach a point in which they are no longer suitable for use, be it due to stains or ageing, meaning you aren’t directly responsible for the cost of replacing your linens when they are unsuitable.


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Published on: October 11, 2022

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