From Colour to Style: What to Consider When Hiring a Tablecloth

From Colour to Style: What to Consider When Hiring a Tablecloth

Do you require tablecloths for your establishment? Here are the considerations you should be making when choosing one to suit all of your needs.

Whether you run a hotel, own a restaurant or are hosting a wedding or other event, you’ll want to ensure that your dining tables are presented exquisitely to impress your guests and present your business in high regard. One of the key ways you can do this is by hiring quality tablecloth from a trusted commercial linen provider.

Alongside the benefits of doing so, we’ll discuss the key considerations you should be thinking about when choosing the right table linen to suit your needs. Read on below as we delve right in!

The Benefits of Tablecloth Rental


One of the main advantages to hiring your commercial table linen over buying it outright is the economic value it offers. Firstly, buying tablecloths in bulk can be expensive - especially if you’re investing in a high-quality product. The other downside of this is that you’re then limited to the specific quantity of linen that you bought.

As your business grows, your needs may change; it could be that you exceed your predicted growth and are able to expand your commercial premises as your business succeeds, which would require you to invest in even more tablecloths (with no guarantee that the exact ones you bought before will still be available), leaving you with another large expense to pay.

With tablecloth rental, you can amend the amount of tablecloth you require as and when you need, so you always have the exact quantity you need and pay for this accordingly. In addition to this, the cost of hiring table linen is spread out in comparison to purchasing outright, making it a much more manageable expense.

Laundry Services

There is then the issue of affording the maintenance of all these tablecloths. For both professional and hygienic reasons, you’ll likely need to be washing and drying your table linen every day if not multiple times a week based on the use it gets.

Not only do you need the time and staff to do this, but the cost of doing so really hikes your utility bills! Furthermore, you’d need to invest in industrial washing and drying machines in order to wash your tablecloths effectively and efficiently.

Speaking of time and staff, the need for these can also impact your costs. Should you get your existing staff to sort the laundering of all your table linens, then this will take them away from their other tasks, which can lower your business productivity and potentially impact your revenue.

Should you instead decide to hire additional staff to take charge of the linen work and laundry, then you’ll of course need to pay them for this, which adds an additional expense to your finances that you didn’t originally plan on making.

Alternatively, many commercial linen hire providers, such as us here at South West Laundry, also offer a comprehensive laundry service. This means that we will collect your dirty linen and deliver fresh linen at a time that suits you best, taking any dirty linen back to our commercial laundry premises to clean to a high industry standard using efficient equipment and eco-friendly procedures.


When hiring your tablecloths, you have the option of choice when it comes to style. With a range of colours, designs and finishes available, you have the ability to not only choose tablecloths that suit the vibe and decor of your setting, but you also have the option to switch this up any time you like.

Fancy switching your traditional crisp, white cloth to red for Christmas or Valentine’s? Perhaps you’re holding a black tie event and require black tablecloths. With linen hire services, you have the option to change your mind whenever you like or need - without having to pay for the difference.


Quality is guaranteed when hiring your table linen. Since providers that offer this service are reliant on high praise, testimonials and reviews from their customers in order to succeed and continue offering these services, they ensure that they use only the best available quality fabrics. These are then delivered in pristine condition, being laundered and pressed to a standard that exudes quality.

If you were to instead buy your own tablecloths, there is no guarantee that you would be receiving the quality you are looking for unless you invest in linens with a rather high price point (and even then you wouldn’t know for sure until they’d arrive).

Choosing the Right Tablecloth for Your Needs

Now that you know about the benefits of hiring your tablecloths, let's look at the key considerations you should make when choosing the right tablecloth to suit your requirements.


We assume that you’ll have a specific colour scheme at your establishment, regardless of whether you’re operating a restaurant, hotel or event. This colour scheme should be kept in mind when choosing your tablecloth.

Choosing a tablecloth in a colour that either reflects or contrasts (in a complimentary way) your overall interior and decor will ensure that everything remains cohesive in appearance. Ensuring this means that guests will subconsciously appreciate how the dining aesthetic feels at home with the food and is appropriate to the overall setting.

You may also want to choose certain colours depending on how you wish your customers to feel. Keeping in mind the psychology of colour when choosing the colour of your tablecloths can be beneficial to influencing your customers’ feelings and perceptions of your establishment and business in general when dining with you.


Once you’ve decided on a colour, you’ll want to consider style. For example, do you require tablecloths to fit circular, square or rectangular tables?

It’s important to have a tablecloth that is shaped well onto your tables without overflowing or inconveniencing your guests and distracting them from their dining experience.

This is where fabric also comes into play. Tablecloths made using 100% cotton tend to not only be durable and high quality, but they have a softness and weight that allows them to drape beautifully.


Alongside your tablecloth, it’s also worth thinking about additional accents that can compliment it.

For example, napkins are great to pair with tablecloths, as they can be sourced in the same colour and style to match, whilst offering a practical purpose for your customers. Napkin hire also offers the same benefits as those we discussed regarding tablecloths, with it being possible to order the two together under the same account plan.

Other accents to consider to compliment your tablecloth include candles and flowers (and vases) and other table decor, or even the cutlery and crockery you use to create your ideal tablescape.


Of course, the intended purpose of tablecloths is to protect your tables from suffering any accidental marks or stains, however you may prioritise them for different reasons. It could be that you do require tablecloths specifically for protecting the tables in your restaurant, or if you’re looking to present your establishment as offering high quality or you host various events then style may be your main priority from your tablecloths.

Once you’ve identified what your key requirements are, then you can decide which material, weight and colour/style of tablecloth will meet your needs most, and which of these factors you may be willing to compromise on.


Depending on your budget, then the amount of tablecloths you require may impact some of your choices. If you have a relatively tight budget yet require a large number of tablecloths, then you may want to opt for a slightly more affordable tablecloth with a lower weight.

Contrastingly, if you have less budget restrictions or don’t need too high a quantity, then your options are less limited.

Regardless, when hiring your table linens you can still expect a sufficient quality and service that finds the ideal solution to suit both your needs and your budget.

Your Trustworthy Table Linen Company

With over 40 years of experience, we have become industry leaders here at South West Laundry and earned ourselves a reputation for excellence thanks to our high-quality product selection of commercial linen.

We specialise in linen hire for hotels, kitchens and restaurants throughout the UK. On top of our range of table, kitchen and hotel linen, we also offer a professional laundry service that is made even more convenient thanks to our delivery and pick-up service, ensuring that your fresh linen is delivered to you in excellent condition every time.

If you’d like to learn more about our products and services, or for your free, no obligation quote, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

Published on: October 11, 2023

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