Four Hidden Areas You Shouldn’t Forget to Clean in Your Hotel Room

Four Hidden Areas You Shouldn’t Forget to Clean in Your Hotel Room

If you want to receive great reviews and secure repeat business you need to keep your hotel rooms in good shape. Whether you have a housekeeping team or you prepare your hotel rooms yourself, good hygiene won’t go unnoticed so make sure every inch of the room is up to standard. Here are four hidden areas that you shouldn’t forget about.

Rubbish bins

It may seem a little strange cleaning a rubbish bin but your guests don’t want to see the previous guests' trash lying around. Always empty the bins in between guests to keep the room hygienic, especially if food has been thrown away, so it’s smelling fresh for the next guests. Additionally, wipe over the top of the bin and foot pedal.

Plug holes

Bathroom ensuites need attention too! As well as wiping over the fixtures and sides, make sure your plug holes are clean too! Hair, soap scum and dirt can easily collate in the plug and potentially block up your sink, bath or shower unit so keep on top of cleaning this area! Guests don’t want to see a grimy plug hole! Use a plunger or drain unblocker to remove blockages and keep the outside of the plug clean too.

Behind bedside tables

Don’t forget about concealed areas such as behind bedside tables as they can be a trap for dust and dirt. Pull them out and remove anything that may have fallen behind and hoover up any dirt so your guests don’t get a nasty surprise!


With the number of people sleeping in your hotel beds it’s only normal that your mattresses will get dirtier quicker. However, this is not an excuse to be slack with your cleaning routines as dirty beds are not inviting or hygienic for those staying in the room. You don’t need to clean your mattresses after every guest but make it a priority every few months.


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Published on: August 17, 2021

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