Fantastic Reasons To Consider Table Linen Hire

Fantastic Reasons To Consider Table Linen Hire

What’s one thing that hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars all have in common? Aside from providing a space to relax, catch up with friends and enjoy high-quality service, they all use linen. Be it the sheets on the beds, robes in the bathroom or the whites on the chefs, linen plays an irreplaceable role within hospitality industries of all kinds.

If one thing can be agreed on within these kinds of establishments, it is that first impressions and appearances really do matter. Of course, this isn’t to say that looks are everything; providing excellent service and delicious food and drink is equally important, however, the appearance and visual aesthetic of a dining area can have a significant psychological impact on the experience of the guest.


Anyone who works within the hospitality industry will know that the job is so much more than cooking and serving food or making cocktails. It is about providing the diner with an experience that they will remember. While big gestures and ornate decor will play a role in this, little details are equally important; table linen is among these details.


That said, good quality linen was once expensive and hard to come by, not to mention the level of upkeep required such as storage and cleaning. For these reasons, linen hire services are an incredible option for establishments of all sizes.


Read on to discover the ways in which table linen hire could benefit your business.


Can Your Business Benefit?

You may be reading this and wondering if hiring table linen is the right option for your business, or whether you will benefit from services such as ours. The short answer is yes; linen hire holds a multitude of benefits for businesses across the varying sectors of hospitality.


Whether you run a small bar or high street cafe or are catering for much larger establishments such as hotels and luxury restaurants, table linen hire is sure to maximise the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your business.


At South West Laundry, we’re pleased to offer a range of high-quality tablecloths, napkins, serviettes and more. It goes without saying that crisp linen can elevate your business to a point of real luxury, and we take great pleasure in helping you to achieve this.




Why Hire?

As we mentioned above, high-quality linen of any kind can be a real hassle to maintain, especially if you’re attempting to manage or run a restaurant, cafe or bar at the same time. Simultaneously managing service, customers, kitchens and laundry is a real battle, so why not take a little weight off your shoulders and leave all of your linen needs, including collection, washing, ironing and delivery, to the experts?


Below, we’ll outline just a handful of reasons why linen hire is a worthwhile choice for you.



As anybody who has managed or worked in any area of hospitality will understand, reliability is essential. Be it the baker’s delivery in the morning, a mid-week wine re-stock or the finest cuts from the butcher, establishing a network of suppliers that can be counted on rain or shine is vital.


The same is true for your linen. Choosing to utilise the services of a reputable linen hire company such as ourselves guarantees that your business will be properly equipped with all the necessary linen, from summer through to spring.


Knowing that the delivery, collection and maintenance of your cafe, bar or restaurant’s linen is taken care of gives you the time and peace of mind to focus on more pressing matters.



Following on from the reliability of linen hire, it is worth highlighting another of its incredible benefits, quality. Providing a service that is consistently impressive and lives up to the highest standards is important for businesses of any size. Table linen is no exception to this rule; tablecloths and serviettes must be folded properly, spotlessly clean and free of creases.


As a business owner or manager, maintaining this standard can be a challenge and quickly becomes tiresome, especially when other areas of service are busy and you’re working long shifts.


Putting your linen requirements in the hands of professionals is the surest way to maintain a high standard of service at all times. Take the pressure off yourself and your staff with scheduled deliveries from the team at South West Laundry.

Goodbye Bulky Machines

Next up, we thought it would be worth highlighting an area that many people overlook, the practical and space-saving benefits of laundry hire services. No matter the scale of your business or the size of your commercial property, finding enough space is always an issue. There are only so many times you can clear out, re-arrange and throw away before considering an alternative option.

For businesses attempting to handle their own laundry and linen maintenance, space can become a real problem. Bulky washing machines, dryers and ironing equipment can take up precious floor space. What’s more, these machines are often loud and unattractive.


Opting for the services of a reliable linen hire company is the ideal solution. Not only does it remove the need for cumbersome equipment and washing machines, but it also frees up space for other uses. Imagine the potential!



It wouldn’t feel right to discuss the benefits of linen hire without mentioning the importance of environmental consciousness within the hospitality industry. We are all well aware of the impact that our lives have on the environment, so it is important to make small changes wherever possible.


You may not be aware, but employing the services of a good linen hire company can also help you to reduce your carbon footprint. Here at South West Laundry we’re always making a concerted effort to lessen our carbon footprint. From recycled uniforms and materials to community impact work, we’re always taking steps towards a more sustainable professional future.


To find out more about our sustainability promise and the ways in which we are addressing our material issues, visit our sustainability page.




Last but by no means least, one of the most important elements of any catering business is hygiene. Of course, drinks get spilt and food gets dropped, so it is only natural for napkins to need cleaning after use. After all, that’s what they’re designed for. However, there is nothing worse than sitting down to a meal and noticing stains or dirt on the tablecloth or faded grubby-looking napkins.


It goes without saying that always using clean linen is imperative; entrusting your linen needs to a dedicated hire service guarantees spotless, sterile linen at all times. By employing the services of a trusted linen hire company, hygiene will always be a top priority, eliminating the risk of bacteria and germs spreading via unclean linen.


What Are Your Options?

When it comes to linen hire, we really do have you covered. We’re well aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to restaurant linen; every establishment has its own visual characteristics and the linen you hire should reflect and complement this, not distract from it.


A wide variety of tablecloths and napkins in varied colours and patterns are just the start of our linen hire services. We pride ourselves in catering for every part of your business. From table linen and chef uniforms to bedsheets and bathrobes, we really do have it all.




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Published on: February 13, 2023

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