Does My Small Hospitality Business Need Commercial Laundry Services?

Does My Small Hospitality Business Need Commercial Laundry Services?

Managing a business is no easy feat, and running a small business doesn’t automatically make it easier or less challenging than running a larger enterprise. Whether you manage a cafe with your family or own a seafront bed and breakfast with a business partner, running a small business often means taking on a long list of tasks that you simply don’t have the employees to delegate to. This includes laundry, which is a highly important task that all hospitality businesses must prioritise.

You may believe that outsourcing your washing, drying and ironing is a luxury that your small business could do without, but the truth is that commercial laundry services offer a wide range of benefits for small businesses. Here are just a few of the many advantages of hiring commercial laundry services for a local cafe, restaurant or hotel.

The Benefits of Commercial Laundry Services for Small Hospitality Businesses

Save Time and Energy

Whether your business is still in its infancy or you’ve been managing operations singlehandedly for a few years, you’ll soon realise that taking ownership of every corner of the business simply isn’t sustainable.


Outsourcing some of the more laborious tasks, such as your company’s commercial laundry, can take a lot of the weight of running a business off your shoulders and allow you the time and energy you need to focus on more important tasks.


Time is money, and the hours you spend sorting, washing and drying linen sheets and chefs’ whites manually could certainly be directed towards something more profitable!

More Economical Than Hiring Dedicated Laundry Staff

If you find a commercial laundry company offering a first-rate service at affordable prices, you’ll quickly find that hiring their services is an extremely worthwhile investment. After all, working with a professional service is bound to be much more economical than hiring a dedicated member of staff to take ownership of your business’s laundry.


You may decide to add commercial laundry to your employee’s list of responsibilities instead of hiring someone specifically for the role, but this is likely to lead to dissatisfaction. Outsourcing to a professional company will eliminate this risk while saving you from paying someone’s full-time salary.

Offer Impeccable Customer Service

In the world of hospitality, quality service is essential. Anything less than exceptional will be picked up by your guests and customers, and you may start to see negative reviews and complaints building up. For small businesses, this can be detrimental.


In restaurants, cafes, kitchens and hotels, offering freshly washed linen is key to avoiding this and offering a 5* service. Stained or scratchy sheets, cloths and towels will disappoint your guests and tarnish your reputation, especially if it appears that your company’s hygiene has been compromised.


The most effective way to quality check your kitchen, restaurant or hotel linen is to outsource your laundry processes to the people who know what they’re doing!

Outsource Your Commercial Laundry to the Experts at South West Laundry

At South West Laundry, the leading commercial laundry professionals in Cornwall and Devon, we’re proud to have the know-how and resources to keep your linen in the finest condition. With over 25 years of experience in the linen hire and laundry industry, we’re well-equipped to wash and dry your linen to the highest standards.


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Published on: June 17, 2021

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