Do You Manage a Hotel? Here Are The Types of Linens You Need

Do You Manage a Hotel? Here Are The Types of Linens You Need

Running a hotel requires a lot of organisation. There are various areas of your business that you need to oversee and each one needs to function seamlessly to ensure the overall operation of the hotel. If guests are coming to stay, they expect to be given quality service and would like to see this extended through every part of their stay. From the concierge service to the bed linen, each cog of your hotel contributes to the overall experience of each guest’s stay, so it’s vital you ensure each part is great. Linen is a big part of hotel management as there are many different types that you need. It’s a big task to ensure you have the right amount of clean linen to serve your guests every day. Here’s our guide to all the types of linen you will need in your hotel.

Guest rooms

A large portion of the linen you rent or buy will be for the bedrooms. You need to ensure you have enough to cover each room in your hotel as well as extras because they will need to be washed regularly.

Bed linen

In your hotel bedrooms you will need:


  • - Pillowcases
  • - Bedsheets
  • - Duvet covers


Your guest will expect to have all of these items in their room in pristine condition. Many people enjoy their stay at a hotel because it is much more luxurious than their own home. Therefore, it’s important to get good quality bed linen that makes each guest feel comfortable and relaxed. This is particularly important because a bad night’s sleep at a hotel is sure to lead to some bad reviews. By investing in commercial linen services, you can rest assured knowing that your guests will sleep well.


In order to ensure your guests get a great night’s sleep, opt for pure cotton sheets that have been washed, dried, pressed and expertly made up on the bed. The second your guests walk in they’ll be able to recognise the high-quality sheets and won’t be able to wait to jump into bed.


Bathroom linen

In the bathroom, there are different types of towels available to make your guests feel spoilt for choice. Each bathroom should be equipped with:


  • - Face cloth
  • - Hand towel
  • - Bath towel
  • - Bath sheet
  • - Bath mat
  • - Robe


Towels are also an essential part of your guest’s stay. They don’t want to use towels that are rough on the skin or have discolouration or stains. Choosing towels that are 100% cotton will ensure your guest can enjoy a cosy bath or shower and jump out into a robe and towel. Cotton is also very absorbent and will get fluffier with age meaning they are a worthwhile investment.


You may be tempted to choose a cheaper alternative to cotton such as polyester, but these aren’t absorbent or luxurious and it’s likely your guests will be able to tell the difference. White is a popular choice for hotel towels because it looks the cleanest. If you’re worried about stains or discolouration, hiring your linen through a linen hire service will ensure your items are spotless and the service will return pristine linens back to you on each delivery.



Some hotels will have a restaurant inside which means even more linen. It’s important to carry on the theme of perfect linen throughout the hotel so that your guests can continue to enjoy every service you provide them with. Great restaurant linen creates the perfect atmosphere for a luxurious hotel restaurant. Whether in a 5-star hotel or a 3-star hotel, good table linen is a simple way to show your guests you have put the effort in.


What linen do you need for your hotel restaurant?


  • - Table linen
  • - Napkins
  • - Waiters cloths
  • - Glass cloths


In order to set up the perfect dining table, you’ll need clean and ironed tablecloths in the colour of your choice. You could stick to white or opt for a vibrant colour such as red, bottle green or periwinkle. Many hotels and restaurants have a brand colour for their business that can be seen throughout the rooms. This is a good opportunity to make your hotel memorable and stand out from the rest. You could also get matching napkins to really make a bold statement.


Another type of linen you will need for your restaurant is cloths. These will be used by the waiting staff to ensure prompt and elegant service. Waiters cloths can be used to carry hot plates or to wipe food plates before serving them. They are often kept tucked into the waiter’s apron so they always have one on them at all times.


Glass cloths are an essential bar staple, so even if you don’t run a restaurant within your hotel, you may have a small bar to serve guests drinks. These cloths are used to polish glassware after it has been washed to remove watermarks and give them a perfect shine. Guests will not be satisfied if a glass has watermarks as it makes them look dirty and they will likely send the glass back for a new one.



From room service to a breakfast buffet, the kitchen will be working constantly throughout a guest’s stay to serve them delicious meals. While you may not consider needing linen for a kitchen, a lot goes on behind the scenes of a hotel kitchen and the work requires good quality linen. Good linen will help kitchen staff work comfortably and to a high standard.


In a hotel kitchen you may need the following linen:


  • - Chef jackets and trousers
  • - Aprons
  • - Polo shirts
  • - Cloths


It’s a great idea to arm your kitchen staff with comfortable, good-quality uniforms that will ensure they can work to the best of their ability. It’s also important in terms of hygiene as chefs and kitchen staff cannot wear their own clothes when working in the kitchen as they may contain dirt or bacteria.


Chefs should wear white uniform because it makes it easy for them to see if the uniform has been dirtied with foods or other things and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. A chef may have to change their uniform during a shift which means they end up using a significant amount of clothing. White is also reflective meaning it repels heat instead of absorbing it - keeping the kitchen staff cool in very hot conditions.


Aprons and polo shirts are also great for your kitchen staff to feel comfortable in the kitchen environment. Linen services can also provide a range of cloths that are useful in the kitchen such as kitchen cloths, tea towels and oven cloths. These all have a range of uses and ensure the kitchen stays clean and efficient.


Should I rent or buy my hotel linen?

Now you are aware of the many types of linen you may need to run a hotel, you may be wondering how you can obtain all of these. If you have been in the business for many years it’s likely you already have all the linen that you need, but perhaps you are looking to replace it. If you are just starting your hotel business, you may also need to acquire a large amount of hotel linen. The question a lot of hotel owners ask is should I rent or buy my linen?


Here are some points to consider:


Buying linens is a high upfront cost

When you choose to buy your linens upfront, they come with a much bigger price tag that many businesses starting out just can’t afford. Hiring hotel linen is an affordable alternative that gives you more money to invest in other areas of your hotel.


You get a laundry service for your hired linens

If you hire your linens from a company, they often provide a laundry service which means your items will get washed, dried and pressed before being delivered back to you. This gives your staff much more time to get other tasks done and you can leave the labour-intense laundry process to an external company.


Renting gives your more free space and time

Renting linens leaves the hard work to the linen service provider meaning your staff will not only have more time to complete other tasks, but you will also have less linen taking up valuable storage space. This is because you should only need to store the linen that will be used before the new sets of linen are delivered to you.


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Published on: February 1, 2022

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