Comfy & Cosy: A Guide To Hotel Bedding Over The Seasons

Comfy & Cosy: A Guide To Hotel Bedding Over The Seasons

Bed linens are a defining feature of any hotel room, where guests will expect to be comfortable in all weather conditions - read on to find out more.

When you walk into a dreamy hotel room, your eye quickly takes in the whole space - fresh towels, a sparkling bathroom and a view to die for. But the focal point is always the bed. It’s the whole point of the room really, and so everything from the mattress to the throw cushions needs to be of a high quality.


And there’s so much to choose from when it comes to hotel bedding. The weight and warmth of the duvet must be suitable for the climate, whilst sheets and pillowcases must be cool and fresh at all times. This is on top of interior design choices you can make with your bed accessories and blankets, where colours and patterns can be chosen to complement your hotel brand.


Hotel guests always notice and are impressed by high quality bed linen, where these standards must be met to ensure an excellent customer experience. Read on for a comprehensive guide to choosing hotel bedding sets throughout the year, where summer and winter temperatures as well as allergy concerns should be considered when dressing your room.

Types Of Bed Linen

When choosing bedding for your hotel, it is important to understand exactly what you need, where a bed is made up of several necessary layers. These include:


Duvet - this is the main warm layer that you sleep directly under, consisting of a duvet filling and duvet cover, available in a variety of materials

Top sheet - also known as a flat sheet, this is preferred in warm countries and across North America instead of a duvet, where a blanket or comforter provides extra warmth if needed

Fitted sheet - this layer fits over the mattress, where elasticated corners can keep it in place or it can simply be tucked in

Mattress topper - also known as a mattress pad, this layer makes sleeping more comfortable by either softening or firming the mattress

Sleeping pillow - consisting of pillow stuffing and a cover, these pillows are for sleeping on, where they can come in standard, queen or king sizes

Decorative pillows - these are extra cushions or pillows that are added to the bed for aesthetic purposes and can be removed when the bed is in use

Blankets & comforters - extra removable layers that can be used for added warmth or for decorative purposes

Bedding For Summer & Winter

One of the key ways you can adapt your hotel bedding to the changing seasons is to vary your duvet tog throughout the year. Tog denotes the thermal resistance of a duvet, where this number describes its warmth but not necessarily its weight. The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet.


Everyone’s personal preferences are different, but in general 2.5-7 tog is ideal for spring and summer, whilst a range of 10.5-13.5 makes for a cosy winter duvet. All-season duvets are also available, where layers can be removed to alter the tog throughout the year.


For your duvet covers, pillow cases and sheets you can also choose materials to complement the season. Comfort and moisture absorption are priorities all year round, but are especially important in summer. Natural materials such as cotton, silk and linen are ideal for this time of year, where they help to keep you cool whilst you sleep. Additional accessories such as cooling mattress toppers and pillow cases can also improve sleeping comfort in the warmer months.


For winter, you can upgrade your hotel room with a higher duvet tog, where cotton sheets are also great for cooler weather due to their temperature regulation capabilities. Additionally, you can kit your bedspread out with wool or fleece covers and sheets for an extra cosy feel. Adding an electric blanket beneath your sheet also guarantees your guests will be kept warm all night long.

Allergies & Breathability

You can choose both a duvet filling and cover for your hotel bedding that promotes breathability all year round. This is especially important in summer when rooms get stuffy, but also because some materials allow dust and pollen particles to settle, furthering allergies.


Natural duvet fillings such as feather and down are designed to let your skin breathe whilst keeping you warm. Natural fibres are also more durable, but as a result they can be more expensive. Some believe that feather duvets and pillows can worsen allergies or cause them, in which case you can add an anti-allergy cover to prevent this.


Synthetic fibres can also be used for duvet fillings and covers, where these can replicate the warm and lightweight qualities of natural fibres. These materials are preferred if you wish to avoid animal products, where they are also cheaper and can be machine washed more easily than down alternatives. Synthetic fibres are also made from non-allergen fillings, perfect for those already suffering from hayfever in the summer months.

Pillow Stuffing & The Seasons

Once you have catered to the changing seasons with your duvet covers, you will also need to think about your pillow contents, where this can make or break the sleeping experience of your guests. Some materials to consider may include:


Cotton - this organic material is smooth, comfortable and breathable, but tends to clump over time and will need refilling to maintain its softness

Feathers - despite their high quality, feather pillows may flatten over time, and absorb heat in the summer which can lead to discomfort

Polyester - this affordable option is easy to machine wash in bulk and can help control allergies, but it will also retain heat in hot weather conditions

Wool - this natural material provides breathability and temperature control during the summer, but like cotton it is liable to clumping

Memory foam - these pillows offer engineered neck and shoulder support, and whilst they won’t clump, they do tend to absorb heat


A further option would be to invest in hypoallergenic pillowcases, where these are made from anti-allergy fibres that are specially designed to reduce dust and bacteria build up.

White Hotel Bedding & Potential Variations

When deciding on the colour of your hotel bedding set, you may feel it is safest to opt for the traditional white. Hotel linen tends to be white because this colour is psychologically associated with cleanliness and freshness. It is also easy to match with other accessories, and creates a uniform look across your hotel.


If you wish to stray away from white, you may like to consider how your bedding can complement your hotel’s brand identity, where florals may suit a cosy bed and breakfast, whilst rich tones could work well in a traditional, antique room. Light colours are generally beneficial in the warmer months, where these tones don’t absorb as much heat as darker options, keeping your room cool and pleasant to sleep in.

Benefits Of Hiring A Laundry Service

Hotel bedding generates a lot of laundry, especially if you’re managing a vast number of rooms. One way to tackle this is to enlist the help of a commercial laundry service, where a company can collect and deliver your laundry and take care of all the cleaning for you.


Some further benefits of doing your laundry off-site may include:


  • Laundry rooms can be noisy and demand lots of space, where these problems are easily avoided with a commercial service
  • Doing your laundry off-site allows you to invest your time and resources in other areas, such as maintaining customer relationships
  • A commercial laundry service will save you money that you would have spent on machinery, electricity, water and cleaning chemicals
  • A laundry service will be well-versed in carrying out up to date cleaning processes, where everything will be laundered to a high standard


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Published on: April 26, 2023

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