Add Luxury With These Hotel Traditions

Add Luxury With These Hotel Traditions

All over the world, hotels are a cornerstone of hospitality, and no matter the nature of a guest’s stay, be it a swift business trip or a week-long getaway, it should be an enjoyable experience. Hotels are more than just a bed for a night, they are a place for individuals to unwind, breathe and feel looked after.

For hotel owners, managers and staff alike, ensuring that guests are comfortable, relaxed and well catered are all top priorities. However, if you’re looking for means of going above and beyond the everyday, there are a few tried and tested ways to add a sense of luxury to your guest’ retreat.


Here at South West Laundry, we’ve put together a quick list of ideas to add that special something to your service.


Pillow Chocolates

First on our list are pillow chocolates, an idea that is small, sweet and thoughtful. The idea to place a small, beautifully wrapped chocolate on the pillow of a guest’s bed period to their arrival is thought to have originated in the 1950s at the Mayfair hotel in St. Louis. However, since then it has become synonymous with luxury and is a tradition in hotels all over the world.


This small but simple idea is a great way to show guests that you are prepared to do that little bit more to make their stay memorable and luxurious.


Room Service

Another tried and tested means of going above and beyond in the world of hotels and overnight hospitality is providing room service. If your establishment is fortunate enough to have a suitable number of staff, providing guests with the option to order to their room is a sure way to make them feel pampered and relaxed.


For business people and holiday makers alike, a delicious meal delivered directly to their room may be exactly what they need after a long day. Room service is an excellent way to add a feeling of luxury, check in with guests and ensure they are having a pleasant stay.


High-Quality Bed Linen

Of course, no discussion of hotel luxury can take place without mentioning the importance of high-quality bed linen. There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting into a freshly made bed, complete with crisp sheets and white pillow cases.


It sounds simple, but ensuring your hotel rooms are made up to the highest standards is crucial for providing a luxury experience for guests. Crisp bed sheets, clean towels and warm bathrobes are an absolute must.


Here at South West Laundry, we are proud to have supplied a huge range of hotels with impeccable linen and laundry services since 1995.


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Published on: October 11, 2022

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